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The Anstendig Institute is a non-profit, all volunteer educational and research institute. It studies and educates the public about the vibrational influences in our environment, particularly those of sight and sound, and how they affect sensory perception. Its papers on sound reproduction, problems of focusing in photography, psychology and problems of hearing and seeing, and erratic vibrational influences that affect our lives are widely distributed throughout the world. Some of this material is our own researches. Some of it is the passing on of known scientific facts. Some of it is just our insights and opinion. Please view the site as such. 

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The Economic Crash: Why Most Solutions Will Fail

  •    The Reason for the Current Economic Crisis or The Protective Patent

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•    Sound Quality, TV, and Computer Technology, 2008

•    The Most Important Concept to Comprehend (The Preface to "The Body As Machine")

•    The Body As Machine (revised version) our most important paper

•    Posture and Walking or The Basic Make Me A Supermodel Flaws, And a Lot More

Third Party Confirmation of Deterioration of Sound Reproduction, Rolling Stone Magazine,

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Vibrations: Natural and Mechanical


* Some new TTL autofocusing cameras can focus exactly on limited subject areas, but not on most subjects and not in a practical manner.

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The Psychology of Hearing


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