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It is important to have a recording device for TV that has a higher audio sampling rate or better audio in general than TIVO, which is typical of audio quality in current TV recording devices.

People do not realize that one can enjoy a video just fine with ordinary to not-so-great visual quality, if the sound is great. People have been doing so since the first TV sets, with their sub-par image quality. But not vice-versa.

In spite of this institute's already 30-year-old papers to that effect, it is still not understood that hearing is the dominant of our senses and that the possibilities of audio experience through sound are vastly wider, quality-wise, than experiences through images, and that the content of the sound determines the content and experience of a program that contains both sound and images. And that includes almost all film, video and TV.

Here, at The Anstendig Institute, we experience truly transcendental experiences through sound, which are not at all possible or even rivaled by experiences caused by images. But our sound is high quality, or we will not listen to it.

People too easily forget that we are all "Pavlov Dogs" in every single way, conditioned by what we have heard and seen (and tasted, smelled, and felt, too, but to lesser degree). And if we become used to listening to recorded sound of today's typical quality, we lose our sensitivity to sound that contains more depth and detailing, especially deeper, more finely differentiated emotions. And becoming sensitive to such more meaningful sound content is very difficult to achieve, once one is conditioned to less.

We forget that we experience our own bodies, and not anything outside ourselves, if we even knew it to begin with. That much is very clear in this paper, "The Most Important Concept to Comprehend",  which is the preface-summary to "The Body as Machine", a completely detailed paper on the subject:

If one understands/comprehends (not the same thing) that paper, it would be the most important thing one had comprehended in one's lifetime.

Sound is much more important to the human being than images. Sound has lagged behind images in computers because excellent, accurate sound files, that contain all the info in sound, demand much more storage space than image files, that contain all the details of the images. The computer industry has avoided pointing out this fact, because it did not, until now, have adequate storage possibilities for complete sound files. And because of that, sound quality and the quality of life in general has suffered and deteriorated since the first CDs came out, almost 30 years ago.

That is the bottom line.